Take Time To See The Sky

As work on the book kicks into high gear there are times when the froth-factor within increases — a fizzy-dizzy feeling of surging excitement that’s not always helpful 🙂 Reminds me of the early days of working on Infinite Vision … and of Dr V’s advice to us at the time…

An excerpt from I Vision production notes:

“This is our first film. There is so much to do and so much to learn before we can do it. And not that much time. But there is such energy in every day- a ‘tide of mighty surgings’ that bears it all making my head and heart spin, but not stand still…This morning after our reading, Thatha (Dr V) said smiling just a little, “Sometimes powerful forces act on your life…at these times you must try and be still, because otherwise they cannot stay. You must step back and stay calm…and you must take time to see the sky…” Much later that same day I remember his words and smiling a little look up…Behind Aravind the sun is setting and a silver cloud strangely shaped stretches five fingers each edged in bright gold over the roof of the hospital- a quietly spectacular blessing.

Take time to see the sky.

And that would become the catch-phrase of the making of this film, an inside joke and an inner reminder…Walking the beachfront in Pondicherry alongside a pumpkin moon in a black ink sky, a sudden rainbow surging out of dark blue clouds over wide green fields en route to Theme, and in the scorching heat of Madurai midday, feather mattress clouds piled one on top of the other in an impossible sky, clouds high above us changing shape and size and colour, clouds that in those moments when we paused for breath took our breath away. Reminding us to be reverent, of this time, this place. This here and now.”

Time to remember to remember again…


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