Summer Heat

Dark green bamboo curtains that stand guard between the outside world and the home within.

A tall glass of water from an earthen pot that is surprisingly cool and deliciously flavoured by khus.

Curd Rice.

Lucknowi kurtas in pale pastel colours.

The intense brightness of the 2pm sun.

Onions in butter milk.

Summer Curtains

Kairi, the raw mango that decorates your plate of bhel-puri from the road-side cart vendor.

Dogs lying flat out in tiny patches of shade.

The early morning stillness and the late evening breeze.

This is what Indian summers are made of.


3 thoughts on “Summer Heat

  1. me says:

    Pavi!!!! Thank you for sharing. So beautiful to be able to read you every day. 🙂 Your words are inspiration and meditation.


  2. Suchitra Shenoy says:

    Hello there!
    This is Suchi – – we are co-authors on the book, and hence co-writing this blog (this particular post happens to be mine). Thank you for your kind words…

  3. Jyoti says:

    Hello Suchi!

    This is a Summer prose poem delightfully diluting the unbearable summer heat. Keep writing 🙂


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