A Lotus, in Bloom

A dear friend, who is also a talented photographer, recently wrote to me about our blog. Mike said the lotus that crowns the blog reminds him of a photograph he had taken of a lotus, in bloom, in Kerala. It also reminded him of an anonymous poem that he liked very much.

I wanted to share the poem and so did some digging around for authorship. Turns out that it is a part of the Lotus Sutra, one of the most revered texts of Mahayana Buddhism. The Sutra emphasizes devotion and faith.

Here is the passage:

The Lotus has its roots in the dank dark mud,

Grows up through the cloudy deep water,

And finally rises to the surface.

It blooms into perfect beauty and purity in the sunlight.

It is like the mind unfolding to perfect joy and wisdom.

– Lotus Sutra


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