Meditate Like Christ

A story that put a lump in my throat. Heard from a lungi-clad westerner who first met Neem Karoli Baba (or Maharaji as he is affectionately known) as a twenty-something-year-old in the early 70s – Once in an early face-to-face encounter with the guru, he’d asked him for a practice. Maharaji rarely if ever gave instructions at that level. In this case he did. ‘Meditate like Christ,” he ordered tersely, and then, “Jao.” (Go). He was famous for summary dismissals like that.

“Meditate like Christ” baffling instructions to a Jewish devotee from the Hindu saint who built at least a dozen shrines to Hanuman in his lifetime. The next day, Ram Dass and a few other American visitors at his side he the young man asked for clarification. “Maharaji – but how did Christ meditate?” Neem Karoli Baba turned very still and very silent at that moment (not something he tended to do around devotees). He remained that way, eyes closed for a few minutes as his bewildered followers looked on.

When Maharaji opened his eyes they were filled with tears (“For us there it was like when you’re a child and you see a parent cry – you have absolutely no idea what to do”) The articulated question charges the air between them: How did Christ meditate? Then — “He lost Himself in love,” said Maharaji.


One thought on “Meditate Like Christ

  1. Rev Dr Charles says:

    What a poinient exchange.
    The clarity of your words may lack the details of “How to lose yourself in Love.”

    Hint: We Are All Innocent, All Of The Times and Every Time.

    Peace Be With You,

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