Day On, Day Off

It is so easy to know the days that one does not meditate. You snap at an innocent question that seems needling. You eat more junk food, and more food in general. Reaction time is lessened — you don’t catch surges of emotion in time. The sensation of clarity is gone.

It reminds me of the old movie, ‘Karate Kid’ and the phrase that got so famous, ‘wax on, wax off’.  Consistency, thoroughness and doing something well. So easy to say “oh, I have so much to do” or give priority to everything else than that 30 minutes or hour or two hours on the cushion, on the floor.

People sometimes talk of the frustration of not making progress in their meditation. But even if one does not immediately see the gain that the practice is giving you, the lack of the practice can be seen with crystal clarity.

Wax on, wax off.


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