Hair on Fire

A Buddhist teacher once said, “Don’t idle away the time needed for practice, but rather practice in the spirit of a person trying to extinguish a blaze in his hair.”

How many of us live our lives that way? The pursuit of what we truly want to do. Balancing our responsibilities (financial, familial) with our passions. Making rational choices in ways that you take full responsibility for your actions but not sacrificing everything that gives you joy. To act in ways that say: today is important, how I behave at work and at home is important. To be conscious that the words one utters really matter. To put a great deal of thought into the consequences of our actions, our instructions and our conversations.

How many of us live our lives as though our hair is on fire?


2 thoughts on “Hair on Fire

  1. Anita says:

    Beautiful! Thanks Suchitra for this one

  2. Guri says:

    Beautiful reminder Suchi! Reminds us of the urgency to live fully every single day. Love it!

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