Of Puddles and Miaows

After all the serious blog entries, here is a not-so-serious one.

The rains in all their glory are here.

Road to River

The first serious downpour brought the city to a halt, turned roads to rivers and flooded everything with two feet of water. Blame it on insufficient storm drains, the real estate boom and climate change.

To localize the drama even further, our water storage container floated out of its place in the ground and threatened to take away the connecting pipes and pump with it. (It is massive and made of thick, black plastic – – hard to imagine it ‘floating’ under any circumstance).

*           *

Pavi called the other day. Out of habit I picked up the phone and took it over to the most comfortable seat in the living room. Here is our conversation:

S (about to sit down, stopping abruptly inches above the chair): “Pavi! There is a cat in my chair and she’s just given birth to three kittens!”

P (in her usual calm, hard-to-hear-over-the-telephone voice): “Oh, how lovely, I didn’t know you had a cat.”

S (still startled): “Ummmm, we don’t…”

Unexpected Visitors

So now we have birds eating squishy bananas on the dining room window sill, absconding water tanks, and a neighbourhood cat with her three kittens in the best chair in our living room.

What ever next?


One thought on “Of Puddles and Miaows

  1. Kathie says:

    This is the best!!!! I love it.

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