About the Book

Do Something Beautiful is the working title of a book that centers on Dr. V’s life and work – the story of an inspirational eye surgeon who battled incredible odds to build, out of an 11-bed eye clinic, what is today the largest and most productive eye care system in the world. The Aravind Eye Care System delivers world-class care to over 2.7 million patients each year, treating two-thirds of them for free, while remaining self-reliant financially.

This book will seek to explore the Aravind story from multiple angles, including:

  • The origins of Aravind’s innovative service delivery model: Taking its compassionate services to the doorstep of rural India, Aravind’s effective strategies vault barriers of distance, poverty and ignorance, creating a self-sustaining model of high volume, high quality, affordable service delivery
  • The biographical evolution of various parts of the organization in the context of the changing landscape of eye care, in India and in the world (from Aravind’s manufacturing plant Aurolab, to its training programs, its renowned super-specialty clinics, to its cutting-edge rural centers and influential global consultancy institute)
  • The organic progression of its efforts around transferring the model to hospitals across India and other developing countries, the challenges of replication, the growing range of partnership opportunities, and the effort to summarize the essentials of the model
  • The moving story of its founding team, their early challenges, the three generations (currently 34 ophthalmologists in all within the family, and growing) mentored by Dr. V, their unique contributions to, and perspectives on the organization
  • The strong moral and spiritual framework that underlies Dr. V’s approach to service, and how it has shaped and informed the arc of Aravind’s work in pivotal and irreplaceable ways
  • Our aspiration is to bring readers to a multi-dimensional understanding of the Aravind story – to learn from its thirty-four-year-old history, its challenges, innovative solutions, and hard-earned insights. It will attempt to corral aspects of Aravind that it seeks to offer up to future generations, and the universal messages embedded in it that speak to people the world over working to address various forms of human suffering.

– – – Pavithra and Suchitra


2 thoughts on “About the Book

  1. prakash says:

    Wow! — truly inspirational. Thank you Pavi and the extended crew for bringing Dr. V’s visions into a life through this beautiful book. “Do Something Beautiful” is very special, so nicely captures the essence of Aravind.

    Happy Writing :-), can’t wait to read the first copy of it! and pass it forward for others to read.

    YG 🙂

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